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About Us

Our Profile

We, the ITGuruz Team, are the pacemakers and set the goals only to fulfill them by diligence, agility, perservance and profoundly mulls over paying the meticulous services to our clients. We are the leaders in the race of millions owing to the perfect support 24/7, project management, web designing, internet marketing and a strong commitment let us stand out with the demanding approach of our clients. Although each client may conduct business differently, but being a team of entrepreneurs, their business requirements are the same; technology must be cost-effective, reliable and be able to support their business long-term.

Our People

We employ a team of certified engineers and technical staff with focused and tenacious approach in emerging and complex technologies. We take our workforce as our assets and love to make them learn latest terms of technologies and prepare them with enriched knowledge, vision and help them to practice and stretch the horizons of their mind with perservance. Our warriors hold certification from the best gems, leaders such as IBM, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and many others. With extensive qualifications and best practices knowledge, our consultants can effectively deliver the best of breed solutions for your business. The magical professionalism of our people combined with multi-axled skills and specializations ensures in delivering the reliable and unusually accountable service to our clients and ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of technological and market developments.

Our Core Values

  • To enrich the world by spreading the spirit, principles, and values of entrepreneurship and personal development to everyone we come in contact with.
  • To accept the clients as our family.
  • Learn mindfulness for constant, persistent and spread the message of serenity which makes us going even through breakdown times.

The core values are the carpet towards miraculous achievements as our team is morally and spiritually enriched owing to core values understanding.

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